Huawei Jumps to No.5 in 2021 US Patent Ranking Despite Sanctions



· 1月12日

"You hear these stories that the Chinese market is going to take over the world. Here, it's starting to become real,”CEO of the company that created the patent issuance ranking commented on Chinese companies' success.

BEIJING, January  11 (TMTPOST)— Huawei recorded the fastest climb among world’s leading tech companies in obtaining the patents in the United States despite the U.S. government’s ongoing sanctions against the Chinese telecom giant in the past year.  

Source: Visual China

Huawei was granted 2,770 U.S. patents in 2021 and climbed four places in the patent-getters’ ranking from a year ago, overtaking Intel, Apple and LG Electronics, according to a recent report from IFI Claims Patent Services, a U.S.-based patent data platform founded in 1955. Comparing 2020, IBM, Samsung Electronics and Canon maintained top three as the annual U.S. patent assignees, while other two leaders in the top five were new faces as the largest foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) advanced two places to the No. 4 and Huawei nabbed the No. 5 spot. Intel dropped one place to No. 6 and Apple went up one place to No. 7 to surpass LG last year. Behind LG, IFI Claims ranked Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC, Qualcomm Inc, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd from No.8 to No.10.

Source: IFI Claims Patent Services

Huawei’s result was incredibly well given the U.S. sanctions’ banning American firms from supplying technologies, goods and services. The rotating chairman Guo Ping said last December that his company expected to post an annual revenue of RMB634 billion (US$99 billion) in 2021, down 28.9% from a year earlier.

Driven by Huawei, Chinese companies as a whole saw a significant surge last year, owning a total of 20, 679 patents up from 18,792 in 2020, making China the fourth by companies getting the U.S. patents.  And the other four in top five countries had patent approvals’ decline between 2020 and 2021 including the top spot U.S. with the 150,801 patents obtained, followed by the second place Japan (47,105), South Korea (21,264) and Germany (14,663).

Chinese companies also had impressive results of cumulative patent holdings in the world as they occupied six spots in the top ten patent holders. IFI Claims’s ranking showed that Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Midea Group Co. Ltd, Huawei, China Petrochemical Corp, China State Construction Engnieering Corp Ltd (CSCEC) and Gree Electric Appliances Inc of Zhuhai took from No.2 to No. 7 in turn. IBM, ranked No.8, is the only U.S.-based company appears on the top ten list.

Source: IFI Claims Patent Services

“Everywhere you turn, they seem to be establishing themselves, or seeking to establish themselves, as major players. You hear these stories that the Chinese market is going to take over the world. Here, it’s starting to become real,” IFI Claims CEO Mike Baycroft commented on Chinese companies’ success.

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