Art And Technology Will Ultimately Fuse Together, Said TMTPost Founder Zhao Hejuan

摘要: Zhao believes curiosity and imagination are what set us humans apart from AI and other animals.

(Chinese Version)

Under the extreme high temperature of 40.9℃, a record high for Shanghai in 149 years, TMTPost’s 2017 T-Edge Lifestyle Summit & Festival was held at Shanghai West Bund Art Center yesterday (July 22nd). The scene was ignited by activities centering around technology, imagination and dream. The 2017 T-Edge Lifestyle Summit & Festival will be held from July 22nd to 23rd.

TMTPost, dedicated to technology and professionalism, aims to grow into tomorrow’s leading tech media brand around the world. This time, the tech media is bringing its TMTPost T-Edge conference from the entrepreneurship and technology hub of China, Beijing, to Shanghai, the modern pearl of east Asia and financial center of China. Shanghai is also a test bed for current technological advancement, consumption upgrade and evolving lifestyles.

So, what are the changes of the relationship between art and technology? What is the new relationship driven by technological innovation and consumption upgrade? TMTPost’s founder and CEO Zhao Hejuan gave out her answers in the opening speech of the 2017 T-Edge Lifestyle Summit & Festival.

“Art and technology are increasingly influencing each other. It’s like two hikers decided to take different paths towards to the mountain top, but they would eventually meet at the peak.”

The main stage of the event was designed with an ocean theme. “To immerse the audience with a scene of life, TMTPost had been searching for elements related to mermaid in Beijing and Shanghai, but we couldn’t find anything promising. So I have this dress with fish tail on today. I am the mermaid on stage,” Zhao joked.

This year, TMTPost had invited Burning Man Festival’s creator John Law, 3D Printing’s inventor Behrokh Khoshnevis, Hunan Satellite TV’s vice president Chen Gang, Mobike’s founder Hu Weiwei, Zhifu’s founder Zhou Yuan, Baofeng Group’s CEO Feng  Xin, Dingxiangyuan’s founder Li Tiantian, Pinduoduo’s founder Huang Zheng, renowned artist Zhan Wang and the media-shy Vancl’s founder Chen Nian etc. as guest speakers to the conference, who will be showing their take on the fusion of art and technology. Even the opening video featured drone engineer and entrepreneur Raffaello D·Andrea and The Shawshank Redemption’s author Stephen King, a showcase of the great minds in tech and art.

From Zhao Hejuan’s perspective, the fusion of art and technology gives each other more possibilities in form, while reaching out closer to the consumers. This happens to be the reason why Zhao Hejuan founded TMTPost. As China’s leading business and tech media believing in media professionalism, TMTPost has issued tens of thousands of stories on the high tech industry and entrepreneurs, and distributed them through multiple channels, making the seemingly unreachable technologies now within the grasp of TMTPost’s readers.

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Translated by Garrett Lee (Senior Translator at PAGE TO PAGE), working for TMTpost.





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