December 8-9, 2016
Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

Be Brave Be Sharp Be Innovative Be Challengers

About T-EDGE

Be Brave Be Sharp Be Innovative Be Challengers

T-EDGE, which stands for the cutting-edge technologies, the frontiers and disruptive innovation, is one of the largest platforms in China for leading innovators from around the world to meet and exchange ideas annually. T-EDGE's serial events include: Annual Innovation Conference, VR Summit, Music Festival, Summer Summit, and City Innovation Forums. At T-EDGE, you will see leading innovators and tech leaders from around the world challenge the impossible, go beyond the frontiers and set the trend for the future.
T-EDGE Conference is the most highly-anticipated event at TMTPost every year. During the upcoming 2016 T-EDGE Conference, which is centred around the theme “Beyond the Impossible”, we shall focus our attention on various topics, from “Key Moments”, “Innovation Revolution” to “The Emergence of AI and Fintech”, etc., in an attempt to explore the frontiers and have a glimpse of the future. Raffaello D'Andrea, a leading expert in artificial intelligence, 2016 IEEE Robotics and Automation Award winner and the founder of Amazon Robotics’ Kiva Systems, will make his China debut at this year’s T-EDGE Conference. Other leading global innovators include, Alex Tapscott, a digital finance expert who co-authored Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money Business and the World. Michael Sturtz, Executive Director of The Stanford Creative Ignition Lab @ Autodesk and a global creative thinking advocate. Gilad Lederer, co-founder of Israeli mobile input device developer OTM Technologies. The founding team of Israeli robotics and automation technology company NextWave Robotics, and the dual camera imaging technologies’ leading vendor Corephotonics, etc. Chinese innovators and entrepreneurs who are concerned about technological progress, will also get together at this year’s conference and discuss the business opportunities and challenges technology will bring to us. Moreover, we shall invite leading programming robot developer from the Silicon Valley and leading explorers in VR sector to show their latest progress at the Exhibition & Experience Area, and exchange their thoughts and ideas with all our guests and participants.



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Previous Speakers

Leading innovators, thought leaders and big names

T-EDGE VR20 MAY 2015

VR Will Disrupt Everything

Kevin Geiger

Executive Director, Beijing Film Academy’s International Animation & Virtual Reality Research Center

T-EDGE VR20 MAY 2015

An Inside Look at The New York Times Virtual Reality Platform

Graham Roberts&Toni Cruthirds

Senior Editor, The New York Times /Product Manager, The New York Times

T-EDGE VR20 MAY 2015

VR Game Development

Nick Fortugno

Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Playmatics

T-EDGE VR20 MAY 2015

Virtual Reality and Representing the Pain of Others

Gabo Arora

Filmmaker, Senior Advisor to the United Nations


Economic Progress in the Age of Creative

Richard N. Foster

Emeritus Director, McKinsey & Company


Digital Disciplines

Joe Weinman

Senior vice president of Telx and author of Cloudonomics

T-EDGE Summit29 MAY 2015

T-EDGE Dialogue between Justin and HejuanZhao (founder of TMTPost)

Justin Yifu Lin

Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

T-EDGE Summit29 MAY 2015

Emergence of Private Aerospace Industry after 16 Years in the Desert

Andrew Nielson

President of XCOR

T-EDGE Summit29 MAY 2015

How is Wireless Charging Sweeping Across the World

Alex Gruzen

CEO of WiTricity

T-EDGE Summit29 MAY 2015

Hi, Sophia: World Debut of Female Humanlike Robot on T-EDGE

David Hanson

CEO of Hanson Robotic

T-EDGE Summit29 MAY 2015

The New Energy Dream of a Girl Genius

Danielle Fong

CEO of Lightsail

T-EDGE Summit29 MAY 2015

Mankind Never Stops Imagining Travel in the Future

Carl Dietrich

CEO of Terrafugia

T-EDGE MUSIC4 September 2016

The Possibility of Woodstock China

Bob Xiaoping Xu

Founder and Managing Partner of ZhenFund

T-EDGE MUSIC4 September 2016

The Possibility of Woodstock China

Michael Lang

Co-creator of Woodstockk Music&Art Festival

T-EDGE MUSIC4 September 2016

How does intelligent hardware help independent musicians achieve success?

Jiangfeng Liu

CEO of Coolpad Group Limited,Former Huawei Honor President

T-EDGE VR20 MAY 2015

The Makers

Shannon Tindle

Director, Spotlight Stories, Google/ATAP

T-EDGE VR20 MAY 2015

Reality Capture + Immersive Experience:Expanding Boundaries of Cinema

Eric Hanson

Partner, xRez Studio, USC

T-EDGE VR20 MAY 2015

Experience the Thrill

Nancy Bennett

Chief Content Officer & Head of VR, Two Bit Circus

T-EDGE VR20 MAY 2015


Molly Swenson



The Future of Sharing Startups

Mao Daqing

Founder of UrWork


How to Achieve Technological Breakthrough?

Chen Xudong

President of Lenovo Mobile Business Group


A Star, Tech Insider or a Sports Events Host?

Liu Jianhong

Chief Content Officer of LeTV Sports and former host of CCTV-5


Facing the Fierce Competition in Internet TV Market

Li Huaiyu

Co-founder and CEO of Whaley Technology, general manager of CMC Holdings


Challenging Tech Giants in Cloud-Computing?

Huang Yunsong

CEO of QingCloud


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