BYD to Offer Three Electric Passenger Cars in Europe

Priced between 20,000 Euros ($19,585) and 40,000 Euros ($39,171), BYD Yuan PLUS is expected to be the most popular model in Europe.

Image Source : China Visual

Image Source : China Visual

BEIJING, September 30 (TMTPOST) – After BYD announced the entry into the market of passenger car models in several European countries in the past few weeks, the Chinese EV maker unveiled its new European passenger cars which will be purely electric.

The three series planned for Europe are the all-electric SUV Tang EV that is already offered in Norway, the electric sedan Han EV, and the Atto 3. The latter model is a compact SUV sold in China as the Yuan Plus.

Among the three European models, the Atto 3 or Yuan Plus are the only one based on BYD's own 800-volt EV platform, which is called e-platform 3.0. The Tang EV and Han EV are still based on the multi-energy platform. In China, these two models are also offered as plug-in hybrids. In Europe, BYD's battery-electric versions both rely on own the company's Blade battery with LFP cells.

BYD disclosed the official pre-sale prices of the three models in Europe. Among them, the German pre-sale price of Yuan PLUS is 38,000 euros (about $ 37,212), and the German pre-sale price of Han and Tang is 72,000 euros (about $ 70,508). BYD explained that the prices will vary due to different car tax policies in each country. The domestic subsidized starting prices of BYD Yuan PLUS, Han EV, and Tang EV are 137,800 yuan ($ 19,365), 214,800 yuan ($ 30,185), and 279,800 yuan ($ 39,320) respectively.

Europe is the first stop for BYD to enter the international market. As early as 1998, BYD set up its first overseas branch in the Netherlands. With high-quality products and technology, BYD Europe has been recognized by the local market, and its business has expanded from batteries to solar energy, energy storage, and new energy vehicles, with its operations covering more than 20 countries and 100 cities in Europe.

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