Xiaomi Beats Tesla to Unveil Full-Scale Humanoid Robot CyberOne



· 8月12日

Xiaomi also demonstrated its progress beyond expectations in autonomous driving technology, with an aim to become an industry leader in the smart EV industry in 2024.

BEIJING, August 11  (TMTPOST)— Chinese tech giant Xiaomi Corporation unexpectedly unveiled its humanoid robot ahead of Tesla’s event in September, when the CEO Elon Musk signaled his company could launch its high-profiled Optimus humainod robot prototype.

Source: Xiaomi

As Xiaomi’s first humanoid robot and new member of Cyber series following last year’s quadruped Cyberdog, CyberOne is a full-scale humanoid bionic robot measuring 1.77 cm in height and 52 kg by weight, with an arm span of 168cm. Compared with Cyberdog, the humanoid robot is more complicated and flexible as it can fully simulate human movements with up to 21 degrees of freedom in motion and a real-time response speed of 0.5ms for each degree of freedom.

Developed by Xiaomi Robotics Lab, CyberOne enjoys powereful AI and mechanical capabilities. It can lift up to 1.5kg in weight with a single hand. Its upper limb joint motor has an output rate up to 30Nm while the hip joint motor with peak torque of up to 300Nm. The self-developed Mi-Sense depth vision module combining with an AI interaction algorithm allows CyberOne to perceive 3D space, as well as recognize individuals, gestures, and expressions. With a self-developed MiAI environment semantics recognition engine and a MiAI vocal emotion identification engine, CyberOne can recognize 85 types of environmental sounds and 45 classifications of human emotion.

Xiaomi is at the first stage in intelligent robotics and humanoid robotics currently have not entered mass production since each of them costs up to 600,000 to 700, 000 yuan, Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun noted at an event Thursday. As part of Xiaomi’s new technological ecosystem, CyberOne is learning new capacities day by day, and the ecosystem that Xiaomi is creating will be applicable to various intelligent scenarios and intelligent terminal devices and closely connect people and all the things in the world with evolving technologies, Lei noted. "We think that intelligent robots will definitely be a part of people's lives in the future," said Lei.

Xiaomi also disclosed new development in auto industry at the event. A live road test video demonstrated its autonomous driving technology, advanced algorithms and capability to handle a comprehensive list of scenarios. Lei Jun said his company's autonomous driving technology adopts a self-developed full stack approach, and “the project has made progress beyond expectations”.

Xiaomi has established an R&D team of more than 500 talents since it announced to foray into the smart electric vehicle (EV) sector in March, 2021, when it plans to invest RMB3.3 billion in the first R&D phase of the self-driving technology. According to Lei, Xiaomi plans to create a fleet of 140 test vehicles in the first phase of the technology development and these vehicles would be tested individually nationwide, with an aim to become an industry leader in the smart EV industry in 2024.

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