Tesla Delivers 215,851 EVs in China Between January and May

In May, Tesla’s wholesale sales volume was 32,165 units, 22,340 of which were for export.

Image Source: Visual China

Image Source: Visual China

BEIJING, June 9 (TMTPOST) — Tesla delivered 215,851 cars between January and May in 2022, registering year-on-year growth of over 50%, according to statistics from CPCA.

In May, Tesla’s wholesale sales volume was 32,165 units, 22,340 of which were for export.

Tesla China said on Thursday that authorities in Shanghai have held several meetings to discuss measures to help major enterprises in the city, including Tesla, resume production and recover from the impact of the city-wide lockdown caused by the resurging Covid-19 pandemic. The authorities in Lingang had formed a working group with Tesla to ensure the fast resumption of work.

Tesla has several hundred suppliers across China and many more in overseas markets. This means that the resumption of production at Tesla is highly contingent on the provision of key components and smooth logistics.

The company said that Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory had resumed production in April with the support of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce.

To comply with Covid-19 reqirements, Tesla’s Shanghai plant has adopted a closed-loop production mode and two-shifts system. The Shanghai plant has produced over 40,000 whole cars to date and rebounded to its full production capacity. The resumption at Tesla’s Shanghai plant has also helped companies throughout the industrial chain return to work.

As for export, the first batch of 4,767 Tesla electric cars produced after the resumption of production at the Shanghai plant had been shipped to Europe on May 11. On May 15, the second batch of more than 4,000 Tesla electric cars was shipped to Belgium. In May, a total of 22,340 Tesla electric cars made in Shanghai were shipped to Europe, Australia and Japan.

As Covid-19 fears ease in Shanghai, Tesla plans to end the closed-loop production mode this Saturday and starts allowing its workers to commute between the factory and their home.

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