TikTok's Chinese Rival Kuaishou Partners with Food Delivery Giant Meituan



· 2021.12.28

Under the partnership, Meituan will offer Kuaishou users a direct access to food ordering, redeeming voucher and other services from merchants on Meituan's platform through applets.

BEIJING, December 27 (TMTPOST)— Chinese tech giants are accelerating their ‘walled garden’ phase out and opening to each other following the government’s guidance.

Kuaishou, one of the most popular short video platform in China, and the country’s leading food delivery service provider Meituan announced on Monday to reach the strategic partnership to improve interoperability. Based on the TikTok’s Chinese rival, the two parties will work together on content-oriented marketing, online transaction and offline performance of the transaction-related service, so as to create a complete one-stop consumption chain.

Source: Kuaishou

Specifically, Meituan is set to launch applets on Kuaishou, which will offer Kuaishou’s users a direct access to food ordering, redeeming voucher, online payments, after sales services and other services from merchants on Meituan’s platform. Meituan has rolled out the applets of food services for trial and planned to unveil a number of services for livelihood such as hotels, homestays, scenic spots, recreation and leisure, beauty salons and Murder Mystery Games in future. Coucou Hotpot-Tea Break, Zi Guang Yuan, Shuyi Tealicious, 85°C Bakery Cafe, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice and many other popular restaurant chains would be the first merchants to land in Kuaishou through Meituan’s applets. And these partners will begin trail operation in this weekend’s New Year’s Day of 2022 and the Chinese New Year holiday starting from February 1.

The two companies will also cooperate to draw on each other’s strengths on serving the supply chain of retail industry and User-generated content (UGC), facilitating merchants’ access to various service scenes to increase the demand.

Prior to the partnership, another major Chinese tech firm Tencent has made efforts on opening up after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China held a meeting with tech firms and proposed standarnds to order all the internet platforms to be unblocked by September 17. Tencent that month later announced to allow users to access external links on WeChat in one-to-one channels. Last month, a Tencent’s platform applied for access to Douyin to share derivative videos from its copyrighted films and shows. In the end of the month, Tencent updated its rule to allow WeChat users to directly access to external links in the one-to-one messaging and launch a feature to unblock the access to external links for e-commerce services on group chat as a trial. It also pledged to continue to promote stopping blocking each other’s links with other major internet platforms, and actively work with other platforms to implement MIIT’s proposal.

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