'No War, No Peace' : Huawei Founder Creates 'Corps' to Push into New Sectors



· 11月6日

Either of five new Corps set to focus on an unchartered territory for Huawei, which is seeking to explore promising sectors as the breakthrough under years of U.S. sanctions.

BEIJING, November 5 (TMTPOST)— “In my view, no war, no peace. We shall create a peaceful environment for the coming three decades through our hard-fought battles and heroic sacrifices, so that no one dare bully us,” Huawei’s founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei encouraged staff at a ceremony for the launch of new units at the Songshan Lake Campus in Dongguan, a city known as the manufacturing hub in the southern China province Guangdong, according to a video “When there is no retreat, there is a way to success ” recently shared at Huawei’s internal online forum Xinsheng Community.

Source: Huawei Xinsheng Community

In the ceremony, executives presented flags to heads of five new units, or “corps”. As Ren said, the mode of corps was introduced from Google, which means to gather scientist engaged in basic research and specialists ranging from technology, products, engineering, sales, delivery and after-services together in one department to divide the business into small pieces and shorten the product development cycle. Comparing the Corps’ works to battle, Ren aims to break down boundaries of existing hierarchy and get available sources together to improve efficiency and exploit and take full advantage of business opportunities in a single sector.

Back in the past February, Huawei announced to found the Coal Mine Corps, led by Zou Zhilei,the former president of Huawei's Carrier Network business group. Ren treated the coal mine as the business that has potential to give his company a major boost and noted “there are so many mines that are expected to bring the value of hundreds of billions of dollars”. Huawei can help the industry’s transition to digital and intelligent production by integrating its Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into the mining technologies, allowing the coal miner “to wear a suit and tie” even working in the future, he said. Last month, Huawei said to establish another four units: the Customs and Port Corps, the Smart Highway Corps, the Data Center Energy Corps and the Smart Photovoltaic Corps.

It is no doubt that either of the Corps are set to focus on an unchartered territory for Huawei, which is suffering sales and market share declines under years of U.S. sanctions and seeking to explore promising sectors as the breakthrough. In the first nine months of the year, the company posted revenue of RMB455.8 billion (US71.3 billion), falling 32% from a year ago. Ren earlier this year admitted that it’s very unlikely for the United States to remove the company from the Entity List that restricts the firm’s access to the U.S. softwares, technologies and goods.   

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