Huawei HarmonyOS Ecosystem Emerges with 150 Million Devices Installed



· 10月23日

HarmonyOS was installed on more than 150 million devices in just four months and is expected to hit a total of 200 million devices by the end of the year.

BEIJING, October 22 (TMTPOST)— China’s telecom giant Huawei achieved another milestone in operating system (OS). “Today, a brand new ecosystem based on HarmonyOS is initially emerging, and a thriving Harmony OS ecosystem is by no means far away, ” He Gang, the chief operating officer of the company's Consumer Business Group, announced at the opening of the annual developer conference Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) Together 2021 on Friday.

Sources: Huawei HDC Together

“HarmonyOS has been installed on more than 150 million devices, ranging from tablets, watches, smart speakers, intelligent displays to Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, since Huawei unveiled this year's flagship smartphone lineup P50 and the OS first run on the smartphone,” Yu Chengdong,  CEO of the Consumer Business Group, said,” HarmonyOS is expected to hit 200 million ‘1+8’devices by the end of the year and more newly installed devices would come next year.”  The term “1+8” that Yu noted comes from the “1+8+N” smart ecosystem strategy his company promoted. The “1” represents the smartphones, the central to the ecosystem that connects and controlls the wider devices, while the “8” denotes external devices such as Huawei’s smart watches, MatePads and MateBooks GT 2 and the “N” consists of all the third-party IoT devices that are connected using Huawei HiLink and Huawei Share technology.

In the early June, Huawei launched HarmonyOS 2.0 that expands the serving scope from IoT devices such as smart home equipment to smart phones, smart watches and tablets. More than 10 million users upgraded HarmonyOS in a week after the OS version released. As of September 12, more than 100 million got their device OS updated to Harmony2.0.

During this year’s HDC, Huawei demonstrated the latest development of OS: first launching the developer preview of the HarmonyOS 3.0, an upgrade over the 2.0 version that allows developers in China to test and develop apps with the beta version. The preview version brings comprehensive upgrade for its toolkit: the Design System provides tools that support different devices while maintain the overall design language consistency; Ark Development Framework 3.0 (ArkUI 3.0) offers a new declarative UI framework using TS/JS language while reduces cross-end application front end development ; DevEco Studio 3.0 improves the efficiency of cross-terminal application development; the new SDK opens 6000+ TS/JS API capabilities.

In the event, Huawei disclosed HarmonyOS Connect, the technology certification platform, now has more than 1800 hardware partners and 4,000 ecological devices. The ecosystem partners have shipped more than 60 million units of new hardware devices so far this year and the amount of HarmonyOS atomic services developed by more than 400 partners exceeds 16,000. 

Huawei also announced it would launch the HarmonyOS-backed smart cockpit in the end of year or early next year. Yu Chengdong said the cockpit is set to be equipped on a new premium SUV model.

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