Huawei Teams with Vodafone to Build Europe's First 5G Railway Terminal



· 10月7日

This is the first time for Huawei Hungary to empower traditional railway logistics with 5G technology in Europe.

BEIJING, October 6(TMTPOST)— Huawei’s Hungarian unit and the Hungarin subsidiary of one of the largest European telecom companies Vodafone signed an agreement with a Hungarian investor East-West Logistics Service Private Limited Company to build the East-West Gate (EWG) railway intermodal combi-terminal. The partnership marks Huawei’s official engagement in creating the first smart railway terminal backed by the private 5G network in Europe.

Covering 85 hectares, the project, located in Fényeslitke, a village in northeastern Hungary near the borders of Ukraine and Hungary, is set to be Europe’s largest intelligent railway logistics terminal as well the continent’s first railway terminal that conducts internal communication and manages technical equipments through a private 5G network, with its hardware developed by Huawei and the platform network support provided by Vodafone. The 5G technology it equipped with can even remotely control the fully self-propelled giant cranes for intelligent loading and unloading. When the construction is completed in the first quarter of 2022 as schedule, the terminal is supposed to handle up to 1 million 20-foot containers (TEU) annually.

Source: East-West Logistics Service Private Limited Company

This is the first time for Huawei Technologies Hungary to empower traditional railway logistics with 5G technology in Europe, said the company’s CEO Colin Cai. With 5G’s technological advantages such as high speed, low latency and large capacity, what operators can only do is to sit in the central control room and work remotely with the help of high definition videos transferred in 5G network, Cai explained.

The Hungarian government is paying particular consideration on 5G technology-based industrial solutions and one of the key industries is logistics, stated Károly Solymár,Deputy State Secretary for Digitization in the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. He expects the country will apply the cutting-edge digital technologies in more innovations to improve competitiveness.

The milestone European project came in Huawei’s recent brain gain in the local market. In early September, Laurent Lafforgue, a famous French mathematician and winner of the mathematics Fields Medal, joined Huawei France to continue his work on topos theory further in conjunction with the company’s research teams with whom he has worked so far. In the late of same month, Gavin Allen, former head of BBC news programmes, was appointed as Huawei’s exective editor in chief. It is the same month when Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei called on hiring outstanding foreign talents.

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