Month-long Online Gala T-EDGE Draws Millions of Viewers



· 2020.09.15

“It is really a great idea (to hold T-EDGE) at this time when there are too many challenges we are facing as a world,” said Tom Mitchell, the pioneer of machine learning education.

Credit: TMTPost

Credit: TMTPost

In 30 days, TMTPost presented over 30 speeches and round-table discussions on a wide range of topics ranging from science and technology to finance, from aerospace engineering to AI, from new infrastructure to cloud games. Each topic was a hot topic.

Millions of global viewers watched the T-EDGE X online live event from June 29 to July 29 on TMTPost’s platforms and its partners Kuaishou app and Beijing Daily app, which registered over 120 million hits. “Globalization was not stopped by the pandemic and it will never be stopped, ” said TMTPost founder and CEO Zhao Hejuan.

Leaders of opinions shared their provocative insights. Jared M. Diamond, Pulitzer Prize-winning professor of geography at the University of California, gave a keynote speech on the opening day of the event.

“This crisis, believe it or not, is an opportunity. This whole crisis is an opportunity to change our world for the better,” said Jared, biologist by training and author of a number of best-selling books, notably Guns, Germs and Steel, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic. “It is not our first global problem. … Ironically, although it's the least important of global problems, COVID is the first of these global problems that the world is recognizing as a global problem.”

“Covid is a terrible tragedy. Nonetheless, it makes me feel cautiously optimistic…because the world is in the process of recognizing that this is a global problem and that for the first time the whole world has to unite in solving the problem,” added Diamond, who has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society. 

He predicted that the world will end the pandemic next year or the year after next, adding that it is a joint effort on the part of the whole world that will solve a global problem.

Diamond argued that a similar approach should be used to attack other global problems, including climate change, because any single country alone could not solve them.  

Tom Mitchell, professor of machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University, also a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, shared his ideas on machine learning in a session on how AI impacts education.

“I have been quite impressed in the past several years by the progress of AI and opportunities we are facing. For decades, we had been hoping that AI could reach a stage where AI can make a serious impact on education,” said Mitchell.

He discussed how AI technologies would be used in education to benefit different students with customized teaching in a scenario like the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Yang Rui, TMTPost Partner of International Affairs, launched the Rui-Dialogue program, which featurs hot and hard topics with industry leaders, by discussing innovations with Dong Mingzhu, CEO of China’s leading home appliance manufacturer Gree. About 12 million viewers watched the talk, generating 5.6 million comments from viewers.  

TMTPost also held a three-day aerospace forum on space travel and the commercial aerospace industry. In the New Infrastructure and Industry Opportunities Summit, famous investors, senior industry experts and digital economists shared their views on the trends in the sector.  

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