Breaking News: ChainDD Wins Social Impact & Investment Innovation Award in UN's HQ



· 2018.11.01

On the afternoon of October 30 (ETD), ChainDD was presented with the Social Impact & Investment Innovation Award at the Global Corporate Social Responsibility Summit 2018 held in the United Nations headquarters. The event brought together nearly a hundred of representatives from the UN, non-government organizations and the business circles.

On the afternoon of October 30 (ETD), ChainDD received the Social Impact & Investment Innovation Award at the Global Corporate Social Responsibility Summit (GCSRS) 2018. It was the only award-winning corporate that specializes in blockchain industry. This was indeed a vote of confidence in the future of the blockchain, as well as a recognition of ChainDD’s global influence.

GCSRS was jointly organized by DPI/NGO, GCSRF, and WGCA at the UN headquarters in New York on October 30. Nearly a hundred of representatives from UN, NGOs and the business circles expressed their thoughts on how global corporates can fulfill their social responsibilities in accordance with UN SDGs.

The attendees reached a consensus that they will include CSR into their business strategies to accelerate the meeting of UN 2030 SDGs. They reaffirmed their commitment to take an integrated approach to social, economic and environmental challenges as they move forward. They reaffirmed their commitment to take an integrated approach to social, economic and environmental challenges as they move forward, and help put partners around the world on the track toward sustainable growth.

Ms. Catherine Li, American founding partner of ChainDD, accepted the award on behalf of ChainDD. In her speech, she said ChainDD aims to be a global leading blockchain information and data service provider. To be a great company, the company takes social responsibility seriously and has leveraged technical innovations to solve social problems.

Bruce Knotts, Chairman of Committee on UN NGO, noted in his video “sustainable development is a marathon, instead of a sprint. I hope today’s event could become our first step forward on our long journey towards sustainability.”

(Picture: Harry Edelson, Chairman of China Investment Group, gave the award to Catherine Li)

The following is the transcript of Ms. Catherine Li's speech:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, I want to thank the United Nations NGO/DPI Executive Committee, the Global CSR Foundation, and Worldview Global Culture Alliance for organizing such a great event and granting this Impact Investment Innovation Award to ChainDD. We are so honored to receive this recognition to help us fulfill our significant responsibility to make positive changes to society.

When our CEO Hejuan Zhao and I discussed founding ChainDD US with the aim of becoming a leading global blockchain news and data provider, we had a very clear vision for the business—but not about how great a company we’re going to build, or how successful we’re going to be as entrepreneurs, or how profitable the business will be. Instead we were thinking how much transparency and objectivity we need to bring to this society as a media company and how we can better serve our global community by leveraging technology and innovation as a fintech company.

We KNOW the company will achieve sustainable growth if we are able to strike the right balance between our corporate social responsibilities and business profits. We KNOW each and every one of our employees will feel proud of themselves and the company that they are working precisely because we are working together to create values beyond wealth to their communities and next generations. We KNOW that our customers and clients will provide us with more trust and support while respecting our high-quality products and services.

 We especially appreciate the opportunity to work with Columbia University and Worldview Global Culture Alliance to become a co-producer of the Impact Investing Case Study Series, with the goal of influencing more business leaders in their social responsibilities. And we also donate to The Chinese Finance Association (TCFA), which has more than 6000 members globally, to help create an environment that nurtures partnership between the US and China and inspires innovation in financial industry to improve the efficiency.

 Today, we are just taking a small step and we have a long way to go. But every small step makes a difference. Finally, I would like to end with a quote from Jim Collins, a favorite author of mine who wrote the book “Good to Great.“ Here is what he says: “Enduring great companies don’t exist merely to deliver returns to shareholders. Indeed, in a truly great company, profits and cash-flow become like blood and water to a healthy body: They are absolutely essential for life, but they are not the very point of life.” Thank you all for having me here.



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