JD.COM 6.18 Shopping Festival transaction volume of same- and next-day delivery hits record high RMB 159.2 billion



· 2018.06.20

JD.com made RMB 159.2 billion sales during its global mid-year shopping festival, which occurred between June 1 and June 18, with 37% year-on-year transaction increase.

(Chinese Version)

JD.com’s mid-year sale, 618 Shopping Festival, reached the peak on June 18. The e-commerce platform's total sales reached RMB 159.2 billion from June 1 to June 18, with the transactions increasing 37% over the same period last year.

With the extensive application of JD.com logistics automatic equipment, more than 90% of the orders from JD.com’s self-operated stores achieved same-day or next-day delivery, thanks to JD.com Logistics' automated devices.

The rise of social e-commerce is a new highlight of this year's 618 Shopping Festival. From June 1 to June 18, JD.com launched nearly 300 social interactions of 23 categories on WeChat and mobile QQ, attracting over 360 million participants.

Together with over 500,000 physical stores, JD.com surged an "unbounded carnival" of online and offline stores. On June 18, Walmart’s sales on JD.com Daojia platform quadrupled and those of Yonghui Supermarkets quintupled, Better Life and Century Mart grew by 260% and 700% respectively.

JD.com Logistics has opened 24-hour "Lightening Delivery" in some cities, providing minute- delivery service with warehouse and consumption prediction. On June 18, JD.com launched the world's first whole scenario normalization delivery operation, which covers residential community delivery, park delivery and courier connection. JD.com is also exploring all-new dispatch operation model through a variety of vehicle models and multiple routes circulated delivery of the smart distribution center.

During the shopping festival, the number of JD.com automated warehouse reached 27, with daily order processing increasing by 1415% over the same period last year. The industry’s first automated cold chain sorting center, which launched in North China recently, has increased the processing by 250% compared to those of the same area. The application of exoskeleton-assisted robots and audio interaction headphones continuously increases the operation efficiency and improving frontline employees’ working condition.

Richard Liu, Chairman and CEO of JD Group says in a letter to the company, "We will vigorously export our supply chain services to the global market, expand the China model to the overseas market, thus realizing low-cost and efficient operations of China-made products to the world and world's products to China.

On June 18, JD.com Thailand platform officially launched online; JD.com Indonesia platform celebrated its 2nd anniversary and established the first self-service supermarket. JD.com Logistics has cooperated with over 110 overseas warehouses and will shorten the delivery time to less than 48 hours.


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