Your Ultimate Guide To 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival

摘要: Even the spiderman and minions are here!

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T-EDGE conferences, serving as the international platform for leading innovators around the world to meet and exchange ideas annually, are hosted by TMTPost, China’s most influential financial data service provider and news publisher on global innovation and entrepreneurship.

As China’s first large-scale event that combines science, technology and lifestyle together, 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival is where game changers, innovative entrepreneurs, leading thought leaders and tech trendsetters meet to explore the future possibilities.

2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival will be held at Shanghai West Bund Art Center during July 22nd to 23rd. At this year's T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival, you will be brainstorming with over 50 influential leaders from around the world and having a glimpse of the future! Here are some of the must-go at the festival!

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Tech Entertainment Exhibition

At 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival’s Tech Entertainment Exhibition, you will find a giant camera-looking box, which symbolizes photo social platform IN. It allows us to record life, share the joy with others, and build our own life circle.

Cool virtual reality sets from Idealens VR are available for visitors at the exhibition to try out.

At JD Crowdfunding Station, you can find minions from Despicable Me. You can receive a stamp after taking a photo with the minions and posting it on social media.

Future Transportation and Automobiles Exhibition

YI+’s world-leading AI-enabled computer vision engine sees what you see and thinks like you.

Cadillac, powered by edging technologies, will show you both class and innovation.

The incredible shared bike brand Mobike is also exhibiting at the 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival. Mobike provides its users with convenient and eco-friendly bike service, allowing users to take a tour in the city. Just scan and go.

At Future Transportation and Automobiles Exhibition, you can also find Immotor skateboard, YouXIn Used Car, and AI-based future map system provider Garmin, who will be powering up the future of transportation.

Spiderman from the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster Spider Man: Homecoming will also make an appearance.

At JD Crowdfunding Station, you can receive a stamp after successfully keeping your balance on a balance bike at the Taikong track.

Sights Unseen Photography Exhibition

Blind photography originated from the UK and entered China in May 2009. The exhibition aims to provide the blind with a platform to make their voice heard.

As you can imagine, it’s very difficult for a blind person to take photos, and people naturally doubt if blind photography can be considered as an art or not.
Image Credit: Li Yanshuang

Image Credit: Li Yanshuang

“The blind use their body to sense the world. They perceive the world in a way that is different from us. The only difference here is the method. The can surely show the world they ‘saw’ through photography,” said Gerald Pryor at New York University’s photography school.

At Sights Unseen, you can get a glimpse of the world the blind photographers see without the contrast of light and shadow. It gives you the opportunity to see the world from a different view.

Savoring Lifestyle Exhibition

With the help of wearable digital clothing technologies, these four garments radiate heat. Its heating fabrics keep you warm with style.

You can also purchase Vancl’s quality clothes at the exhibition with styling services provided on-site.

Chumenwenwen builds consumer and enterprise AI products, dedicated to bringing AI to daily scenarios.

Kaistart is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on projects that promise physical products or experience return.

INKE is a real-time livestreaming platform. It’s building an interactive entertainment era of yours.

At the end of the Time Tunnel, there is a magnificent castle of dream constructed by 3D printing technology.

Tech Aesthetics Exhibition

Brace yourself for the fusion of art and technology.

Artist Wang Xin, who pays close attention to psychology, consciousness, and art ecosystem, and find connections and emotions through images, will bring his famous artworks to the festival. Artworks to be exhibited include The Gallery, We Create Future Artists Here, Artists Can Tell.

Drones from ZeroTech will be hovering at scene. Thy are probably the most fitted drones for common users.

Sougou01 can hear, can talk, can see and think. It even wants to be a variety show star one day. Sougou01 will charm you with its AI-powered tricks like voice recognition, image recognition and machine translation etc.

Trending Tech & Lifestyle Consumption Exhibition

FTOWN co-working space is designed with the concept of keeping it young and fresh. It offers entrepreneurs and freelancers an empowering space where they can generate ideas and have them delivered.

Hypereal is a VR tech company that develops its own SDK, GPS system, hardware and content. It creates a virtual reality that is beyond your imagination. The company is also bringing its surreal world to 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival.

Industrial platform LKKER is an open maker platform and innovation hub driven by Internet big data. You can find talented designers anywhere anytime.

YunjiMicroStore combines shared economy with social e-commerce, making opening a business easier for potential entrepreneurs.

At JD Crowdfunding Station, you can receive a stamp if you join the hourly livestreaming of Taikong Time Capsule.

Smart Home Exhibition

Xiaomi has built a Mi Home with its highly-integrated MIUI system. With MIUI, the whole house is under your control.

Whaley’s groundbreaking smart and voice-control-able TV will meet your every demand.

Intelligent Puyurobot at the exhibition provides unexpected joy and convenience in your life. Come check it out.

At JD Crowdfunding Station, you can receive a stamp after teaching a person how to use a smart home appliance.

Smart Medicince & Health Exhibition

Dingxiangyuan aims to build China’s largest medicine academic forum and develop a series of mobile products to ease your health burdens.

Nuohui Health focuses on the field of cancers, utilizing advanced biotech to tackle health issues.

ETCOMM offers remote ECG diagnosis service to users, making medical help more accessible.

Anti-snore pillow automatically adjusts your head once it detects snoring from you. It can help stop your snoring or calm down your snoring a bit, without affecting your sleep quality.

At JD Crowdfunding Station, you can receive a stamp after you complete the triathlon.

Tech New Finance Exhibition

Hengyuan Finance navigates for your financial assets and learns from your daily transactions.

At JD Finance Technology Exhibition, you can receive a stamp after paying for an item by face scan.

Taikong Poetry Club

At T-EDGE, we believe that technology changes people’s lives by constantly interacting with arts & humanities. Therefore, it’s necessary to reflect on ourselves and our times through dialogues between technology and arts & humanities.

It is against this background that “Space Poetry Party”, a perfect platform for you to not only have a glimpse of future technologies but also communicate with your inner selves, is held by TMTPost and Cadillac. At the party, we write, read and share poems together with the AI poets.

Innovators from across the world will gather together and seek strength to move forward from technology, arts and humanities. Several leading innovators in the internet circle will be invited to not only write and read their poems, but also share their thoughts and understandings from their entrepreneurial experience.

Taikong Food Paradise

Why travel the world for delicious food when you can find half of the world’s delicious food here at Taikong Food Paradise?

You can have a taste of Borgcraft’s noodles from Australia, made with authentic Australian butter, wheat, honey, and vegetables brought straight from Australia.

You can also have a food feast at Yuanweifu, which offers tasty lamb dishes from Wulate prairie.

At Taikong Food Paradise, you can also find fresh seafood from unpolluted waters. Fish, shrimps, clams etc., whatever you want.

Craving for a bite of China? Come to Latang, enjoy the thrilling spice of Sichuan peppers.

Feeling full already? Why not have one Italian ice cream? There are numerous flavors for you to choose from. It will melt the summer heat from you.

Feeling excited about the coming 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival? Well, what if I tell you there is a surprise gift for you if you could collect six stamps from JD Crowdfunding Stations? Just come and join this fiesta of technology.

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2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Summit & Festival Schedule

July 22nd Art & Imagination Summit

Morning Opening: Into the Future

Opening video

Opening speech: Zhao Hejuan, Founder & CEO of TMTPost

SessionⅠ: Curiosity & Imagination: The Driving Force of Mankind

John Law, well-known Silicon Valley artist & founder of Burning Man Festival

Chen Gang, Vice President of Hunan Economic TV, Chairman of Mango Media

A dialogue with artist: Zhan Wang, Chinese contemporary artist and celebrated sculptor

Cao Peng, Vice president of JD Finance

Cindy Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of YX Group

Li Li, Associate Professor and Doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Textile & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Session II: A Dialogue between Technology and Art is a Dialogue between Us and Future (Dialogue)

Moderator: Zhu Xinmiao, Chief Creative Officer of YI Creative Media


John Law, well-known Silicon Valley artist & founder of Burning Man

Chen Gang, vice president of Hunan Economic TV, chairman of Mango Media

Cao Peng, vice president of JD Finance

Zhan Wang, Chinese contemporary artist and celebrated sculptor

Zhou Dawei, Founder of Cc Fund and Art021, well-known collector

Afternoon: Better City, Easier Life

Opening: Imagination of Future Life

Opening speech: Gao Zheng, General Manager of JD Crowdfunding

Session: Will Future Cities be Created by Dreamers? (Speech & Interaction)

Behrokh Khoshnevis, inventor of 3D contour crafting technique,“Father of 3D Printing Buildings”

Dialogue: I have spent my whole life searching for the city of future

Moderator: Zhao Hejuan, Founder & CEO of TMTPost


Behrokh Khoshnevis, inventor of 3D contour crafting technique,“Father of 3D Printing Buildings”

Cheng Yanchun, Partner & Chief Architect of C+ Architects,

Zhang Jing, Chairman of Xunshi Technology

Ding Bo, Vice President of NetEase Cloud Music

Hu Weiwei, Founder of Mobike Technology

Zhou Yuan, Founder & CEO of Zhihu Technology

Hao Huan, Founding Partner and CEO of Yunjiweidian

Session II: Intelligent Imagination of Future Spaces (Speech & Dialogue)

Gao Ziguang, Vice president of Xiaomi Ecological Chain & head of Xiaomi smart home platform

Wan Lijiang, Founder & CEO of Fountown

Yang Luyu, co-Founder & CEO of Musical.ly/Muse

Dialogue: New Rules of "Virtual Cities" in the Internet Era

Moderator: Liu Xiangming, co-Founder of TMTPost


Ding Laibin, Vice President of Inke TV

Li Chuan, Chairman & General Manager of China Media Capital

Yang Luyu, co-Founder and CEO of Musical.ly/Muse

Zhou Yuan, founder and CEO of Zhihu Technology

July 23rd Future Lifestyle Summit

Morning Spreading Technology in Everyday Lifestyle


SessionⅠ: Changing Productivity via Technology (Speech & Interaction)

Feng Xin, founder, chairman and CEO of Baofeng Group

Huang Zheng, Founder of Pinduoduo

Li Tiantian, Founder & Chairman of DXY

Yosi Lahad, co-Founder of NextWave Robotics

Zhu Yeqing, co-founder & CEO of New Horizon Health

Liu Tao, Founder and CEO of HiCash

Session II: How Does Big Data Accelerate Innovation and Evolution in the Health and Finance Industry (Dialogue)

Moderator: Zhao Hejuan, Founder & CEO of TMTPost


Yosi Lahad, co-Founder of NextWave Robotics

Li Tiantian, Founder & Chairman of DXY

Liu Tao, Founder & CEO of HiCash

Zhu Yeqing, co-Founder & CEO of New Horizon Health

Zhou Po, Founder and General Manager of Et Comm Technology

Session Ⅲ: Releasing TMTPost CheckZeit Auto Tech Index

Li Feifan, COO of TMTPost CheckZeit

 Afternoon Re-Imagine Every Aspect of Future Life

SessionⅠ: The Future of Tech Entertainment (Speech & Interaction)

Zeng Guangming, partner & Chief Content Officer of Kuaishou

Qian Zhonghua, founding partner & Chief Strategy Officer of Blue Harbor Capital

Shi Shengqing, co-founder of ZeroTecg

Session Ⅱ:  Cooler Lifestyle brought by Technology (Speech & Interaction)

Chen Nian, CEO of VANCL

Zhang Lei, CEO of NetEase Kaola Cross-Border E-Commerce

Ding Shengbin, CEO of QianbaoCard

Xia Jun, CEO of Chexiang.com

Liu Yanshen, Founder & CEO of WE+, Managing Director of Colony Capital, APJ

Zhu Yueyi, Founder & CEO of ReFlower

Wu Zan, CEO of Zanadu

Zhang Mofan, Founder & CEO of MO AMOUR

Debate: Do technologies upgrade or degrade our asthetics standards?

"Moderator: Yang Jin, Editor in Chief of TMTPost"

Guest debators


Chen Yang, co-Founder of YHOUSE

Xu Jianxun, founder & CEO of KaiStart

Zhu Yueyi, Founder and CEO of ReFlower


Sun Ying , Founder & CEO of “in”

Xia Yan, Founder & CEO of Condé Nast Publications's Zhuyi Home

Zuo Zhijian, Founder of Zhuji Information & veteran financial journalist

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