Is Baidu Really Determined To Crack Down On Piracy?

摘要: Baidu claims that during the reorganization of the pirated literary contents, all the post bars in literary category will be closed in batches. But the free Utopia has established, and would the closures and the reorganization change the rampant piracy?

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Since last night, a lot of literature post bars on Baidu were closed. Today Baidu Post Bar issued an announcement that from now on, Baidu starts to crack down piracy in all rounds, and continue to clean up and reorganize the pirated contents. During the reorganization of the pirated literary contents, all the post bars in literary category will be closed temporarily in batches.

The post bars that are temporarily shut down and under investigation include not only post bars of network literature, such as The Grave Robber’s Journal, Nonsensical Talk, but also some Chinese and foreign literature post bars like The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, The Ordinary World, One Hundred Years Of Solitude and so on. So far, more than 3000 section post bars are temporarily closed. Baidu announces that later they will check and clean up the pirated contents comprehensively, and reopen it again after the reorganization.

Baidu Post bar has been criticized by its rampant piracy for a long time, and recently the "ZhuiXu dt (stolen post) event" has given rise to a heated discussion.

At the end of April, it was reported that a network writers “angry banana” reported Baidu post bar for violating his intellectual property rights. When using Baidu searching engine to search his novel ZhuiXu, he saw a post bar called “ZhuiXu dt (stolen post)” is recommended by Baidu. The post bar posts some paid chapters of his novel Zhuixu without author authorization. When you click into the “Zhuixu Post bar”, Baidu will still prompt that you can go to “Zhuixu dt” post bar with the latest updates of the novel.

In 2011, when the author began to update novel Zhuixu, there were some post bars such as "Zhuixu dt" post bars who steal the paid contents of the novel. In 2013, when people searched “Zhuixu” post bar in Baidu, the system would automatically jump to "Zhuixu dt" post bar. After a few years, when it was exposed by media again in April this year, Baidu announced that they would immediately check the pirated contents in this post bar, and then remove the related contents in 12 hours.

However, this is only one of piracy case in Baidu post bars. The Southern Metropolis Daily reports that for most famous network novels, if you search the title of the book, Baidu will recommend the post bar of this book on the front page, and at the same time, Baidu also shows the latest chapter and all the chapters so that users can click in. In the list of present Top 50 popular novels in Baidu, there are 31 books that are in the status of updating, and all the charged contents has been updated by post bars free of charge. Among them, the fastest piracy releases the updated contents only one minute later than the official website. According to an insider, the content stealer can steal the latest contents directly and real-time from the original site through software.

Later, The Southern Metropolis Daily published an editorial and commented that when the original authors update their work, the stealers will follow up in the first time. This is because that the piracy groups and Baidu post bar operators are inextricably linked. The piracy post bars are recommended officially by Baidu search engine. These piracy organization even host meetings regularly and distribute benefits", while Baidu officials promised in professional post bar leaders in an open recruitment that they have the right to engaging in business. All these details outline the piracy path of Baidu post bars, which makes it hard to believe that the piracy is done by individuals like ordinary Internet users and post bar leaders. Baidu is probably not only a platform in this issue.

Apart from Baidu post bar, some network storage like network backup is also the hotbed of pirated contents, which was also under scrutiny recently.

On April 15th, Sina Micro disk announced that they will close individual users’ free storage service on June 30, 2016, and gradually pause sharing and on-site searching service until the end of the rectification. Sina said that this is "to cooperate with the related departments to actively begin the reorganization of the pornographic and pirated contents in network storage, to clean up the illegal information, and to close the searching and sharing function in Sina Micro disk until the reorganization finishes.”

Internet provides people an utopia of free resources, which makes people get more accustomed to free access to online contents and show no respect to copyrights. Thus, original works cannot rely on copyrights to earn revenue. According to The Chinese Network Literature Copyright Protection White Paper , in 2014, pirated network literature suffered a loss of 7.77 billion RMB. In 2015, BBS post bars take up as high as 64.3% among the means of online piracy literature reading for Chinese Internet readers.

When the free Utopia has established, would the closures and the reorganization change the rampant piracy?

The following is the Baidu post bar bulletin:

Dear Baidu Post Bar users:

Baidu post bar has been committed to the protection of genuine literary works and the rights and interests of original authors. In the over the past six months, post bar deletes nearly 20,000 infringed network literature links each month on average, and actively cooperate with multiple proprietary platforms and authors. Since August 2015 till now, Baidu post bar has introduced nearly thousands of original network literature.

To further protect the copyrights of genuine literary works and the rights of original authors, as well as create a more formal platform of communication for literature-loving post bar users, from now on, Baidu post bar will begin to crack down the piracy and continue to clean up the infringed contents.

During the reorganization of the pirated literary contents, all the post bars in literary category will be closed temporarily in batches. After the shutdown, Baidu post bar will be crack down and clear up the pirated contents comprehensively.

The reopening time of this batch of closd post bars will be announced in the post bar leaders bulletin. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we’d appreciate your understanding. To help with the crackdown of the pirated network literature, we also established two complaints green channels: a general user report post bar and a post bar exposure platform. Once we receive reports, Baidu post bar will immediately start investigation. We will remove infringing contents in 12 hours if the report is true.

The Baidu post bar platform has a "zero tolerance" attitude toward the pirated contents in post bars, and we will continue to further the crackdown of the infringed contents. We welcome all the post bar users to supervise! As the world's largest Chinese online communities, Baidu post bar hopes to introduce more original network literature.

Baidu Post Bar

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