Mao Daqing: What Kind Of Startup Partners Should Startup Owners Turn To For Help?

摘要: What kind of qualities should an appropriate startup partner possess exactly? Thirst for knowledge? Persistence? Insight? Communication skills? Recently, Mao Daqing, former head of Vanke Group Beijing Division, delivered a keynote speech on these topics during a “Global Talents Summit”.

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If it is Internet that makes light asset startups and startup partners possible, then “mass innovation and mass entrepreneurship”, which are highly advocated by the Chinese government recently, should be the very catalyst of the craze for entrepreneurship and startup partners in China. In the new economy era, a large number of startups are established every single day. For example, over 500 startups are registered and established on a daily basis. At the same time, it is crucial for owners of these startups to find an appropriate startup partner who recognizes the value of their startups and complements each other in order to develop rapidly. Recently, Mao Daqing, former head of Vanke Group Beijing Division, delivered a keynote speech on this topic during a “Global Talents Summit”.

According to Mr. Mao, professional managers, the result of the macro-industrial era, should possess the quality of an entrepreneur. In the Internet era, however, such quality is no longer a necessity, or an advantage. In substitute, startup partners are becoming increasingly popular and welcomed.

In the era of mobile Internet, technologies and ideas change constantly, while a company also develops and grows rapidly. In this case, it is essential for a company to find an appropriate startup partner to address possible challenges, burden responsibilities, complement each other and go hand in hand. Although the capital winter has already fallen on the Chinese startup circle, entrepreneurs’ craze hasn’t stopped for a moment.

Why finding an appropriate startup partner is becoming increasingly important? When over 500 startups are established in Beijing every day, competition is getting fiercer, the learning circle is shortened and companies tend to develop and grow rapidly. To cope with this new change, lots of startup owners turn to startup partners for help,” Mr. Mao explained.

However, not every startup partner can be quite helpful, according to Mr. Mao. He revealed that many startup partners were not satisfied with being merely a “partner”. Instead, they wanted to start their own company and become part of the current startup wave.

“A real competent professional manager, or startup partner, who possesses the quality of an entrepreneur, can be quite helpful for entrepreneurs. They don’t necessarily have to be entrepreneurs themselves, but what they are doing is very important for this age. An appropriate startup partner can help a startup a great deal, complement each other, raise a startup to a new stage and better address competition from rivals,” said he.

Yet, what kind of qualities should an appropriate startup partner possess exactly? Thirst for knowledge? Persistence? Insight? Communication skills? Mr. Mao summarized his suggestions for finding an appropriate partner into the following two aspects:

  • On the one hand, a company should have different startup partners in different aspects and in different development stages. A good startup partner should complementary, be different and, to a degree, be the mirror of a company, through whom the owner of the startup can see what happened and make decisions from a different aspects. One should never turn to someone who one knows well, otherwise there will be no new ideas at all since they share the same type of thinking.
  • On the other hand, whether the acquaintances of the founder of a startup are diversified enough, whether he or she can see other people from a broader picture will both determine whether the startup will find an appropriate startup partner in different aspects or not. One should never turn to acquaintances or schoolmates. On the contrary, one should always turn to someone who is not familiar and who might have a very different type of thinking.

Mr. Mao added that startup partners should not be treated as employees of a startup. Instead, they should be more like a “partner” who burdens the risks together, makes decisions together and benefits from the partnership together.

A competent startup partner should not be looking for a post in a startup. If a startup partner is seeking for posts like vice president, senior vice president, executive vice president, every day, he or she must not be a competent one, and their advices should not be adhered to, either,” Mr. Mao said quite frankly.

For him, a great ambition and a wild dream are the best mediator to bond a startup partner and a startup together. While entrepreneurs should keen in their cause, and never give up until they finally succeed, startup partners should also be enthusiastic and passionate in startups they join. Only then can a startup rise and prosper.

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Translated by Levin Feng (Senior Translator at PAGE TO PAGE), working for TMTpost.




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